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Welcome to FlopTurn.com
We will open up soon - keep your eyes open!

In the meantime take the chance to get POKERobot for FREE!

POKERobot is an autoplaying poker robot, with several useful features:

1: It wins for you in auto mode (we won $10 usd on our first test run at a 0.05/0.1 fixed limit table).

2: It features a semi-auto mode where it functions as an auto fold bot, which let you do other work while you get bad hands (and you know that that is most hands) and you can then concentrate on playing the winning hands yourself!
The semi-auto mode also works on No-Limit tables!

3: You can use it with the auto-play modes turned completely off, and POKERobot will still show your hand strengt and suggested move.

There are more features to discover, and they seem to update the program every now and then. Right now you can get POKERobot completely free since they are looking for beta users to use their software. So I will not waste your time writing about it.

My suggestion to you:

Get your own copy of this cool Poker Robot for free today